Donating to Red Cross Mexico through Amazon.mx

22-09-2017 - Staff Pixelatl

Donating to Red Cross Mexico through Amazon.mx

You can donate items needed for the earthquake victims to the Red Cross directly by Amazon Mexico.

  1. Enter the Red Cross wishlist HERE

  2. The Mexican peso is around $18 for 1 US Dollar. So a contribution of $900 pesos is around US$50. You will need to make an Amazon.mx account, even if you have one in your country.

  3. Make sure your cart is empty and add to cart the products you want to donate.

  4. IMPORTANT. Make sure the shipping address is the address of the wishlist. It should say "Direccion de wishlist" in Spanish.

  5. Select your payment method (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) and you're done.

Thank you!

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